Shrek the Musical

The Dolphin Show is a non-profit student theatre organization that annually produces the nation's largest student-run musical. It celebrates the diverse talents of the Northwestern University undergraduate community by providing opportunities to learn and excel in all artistic and administrative fields. The Dolphin Show presents a professional-caliber production, while involving the community through outreach.

Donate to the Dolphin Show

The Dolphin Show is an entirely student-produced musical that receives extremely limited funding from Northwestern University. We rely heavily on our own fundraising initiatives and on the support of donors like you to raise our fundraising goal of $25,000 for this year's show.

Please follow the steps below if you would like to donate to the 72nd Annual Dolphin Show. Thank you so much for your endless support!

Donate By Mail

Please send a check made payable to Northwestern University to:

The Dolphin Show at Northwestern University
c/o Development
1999 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL  60208

Donate Online

Want to securely donate online to the Dolphin Show using a credit or debit card? Visit our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign to contribute to our $1,500 online fundraising goal!

Our campaign ends February 2, 2014. Donate now before it's too late!

Donors and Supporters of the 72nd Annual Dolphin Show: SHREK THE MUSICAL

Thank you to the following people who have donated money to SHREK. Without your generous contributions, the show could not go on!

Fairy Godparents ($500+)
Christina Clay and Thomas Ramsey
Jeffrey and Jane Cozad
The Johnston Family
Eric and Melanie Marchant
Stacey and Kevin Mullins

Believers ($250-$499)
Dennis and Laura Bergeson
Frances and Jeffrey Marchant
James W. & Virginia Cozad
Jorge and Debra Prieto
Laurence and Lisa Rich
Renata Schwebel

Noble Steeds ($100-$249)
Anne Fahey
Barbara Davis
Catherine and Paul Reed
Cathleen and Carl Albrecht
Cynthia and David Langstaff
David Downs
Diane and Perry Freedman
Don and Helen Morgan
Florence and Joel Kanarvogel
Gary Dettman and Martha Basile
Henry Hatch
Jane Broderick and Ron Ettinger
John and Laura Iliff
Judith Lerman
Kathi Marks
Kathryn Clay
Lee Bergeson
Linda and Lawrence Hatch
Macy and Stewart Granick
Mike and Min Lee
Myles and Candida Reid
R. M. Kalar
Randy and Sandy Cantor
Robert and Linda Tepper
Roselyn Spencer

Sunflowers ($50-99)
Alan and Joan Metzger
Amy and Steven Challgren
Andrew and Leslie Wachtel
Catherine Cozad
Charles and Dorothy Beeman
Dan Pieri
David and Michele Goldstein
David Himmelman
Edward Odasz Jr. and Karen Odasz
Gina and Joaquin Siu
Jeff and Valerie Fawcett
Johan and Nancy Sauer
John and Virginia Clarke
John Baughman
John Kuhn
Joseph and Linda Fagan
Judith and Howard Fulk
Karen Horowitz and Jeffrey Kahn
Karen Sundell
Laurence and Elizabeth Christ
Margaret and Henry Kalinofsky
Marlene Elowe
Martha and Joseph Vitaterna
Mary Hancock
Melissa Shirley
Michael and Judy Elowe
Nancy and Henry Platt
P. Taylor Lonsdale
Ray Mathieson
Scott and Elizabeth Cassie
Stanley and Sandra Tepper
Steve and Diane Arnold
Susanne Schambs and Linda Hatch
Suzette and Evan Harrel
Thomas and Faith Ricketts
Thomas Ramsey
Vito and Kathleen Guerra
Wei and Angela Ko

Neighbors of Duloc ($25-49)
Alan and Sheila Simons
Andrew Beja
Angel Gomez and Bonnie Davis
Anita Wachtel
Arline Baughman
The Cardin Family
Carl and Debra Hendrickson
Cecilia Mullen
Danielle Himmelman
Elizabeth Blanchard
Howard and Kathleen Lampe
Karen Wolfe
Lauren and Ted Pieri
Lynn Markel
Marceline Lehrman
Martha Deberardinis
Marvin and Janice Dublin
Maryanne Hainer and Cathy Albrecht
Rebecca Rosenberg
Robert and Elise Herner
Robert Holmes and Paula Fagan
Ruth Freier
Stephen Harrison and Susan Freier
Stuart and Bess Goldring
Susan and James Martin

Swamp-Mates ($1-24)
Jean Taub

Do you want to contribute but don't know how?

For any further questions regarding donations, please email

(Please note: All mailed donations are tax deductible, as The Dolphin Show is a non-profit organization through Northwestern University. In addition, our organization accepts corporate matching. Please email the address above for further information.)