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Assistant Artistic Producers: Carrie Douglass

Rehearsal Team

Director: Michael Herwitz

Associate Director: Isabel Perry

Stage Manager: Emma Franklin

Assistant Stage Managers: Sophia Barron & Lindsey Cooke

Rehearsal Room Production Assistant: Yihong Hu 

Music Supervisor: Noah Landis

Music Director: Bryan Eng

Choreographer: Tucker DeGregory

Fight Choreographer: Cary Jones

Dramaturg: Pauline Moll

Child Wrangler: Liza Alrutz

Assistant Child Wrangler: Mary Godby

Designers and Technicians

Scenic Designer: Jessie Baldinger

Technical Directors: Emily Koller and Noah Watkins

Scenic Painter: Marley Smith

Scenic Team: Shannon Campbell, Virginia Arguelles, Stefanie Tedards, Kristine Liao, Antonia Young

Lighting Designer: Nathan Selinger

Assistant Lighting Designer: Sarah Friedman

Master Electrician: Sam van Loon

Associate Master Electrician: Benji Solomon

Lighting Team: Xun Wang, Mark Biedke, Melanie De Vincentiis, Alex Rey

Costume Designer: Nina Wallrafen

Costumes Team: Kate Coffey, Lauren Katz, Grace Lemon, Juliana Conway, Mary Tomei, Abby Cottier, Lena Dudley

Sound Designer: Isadora Lowe Porte

Sound Engineer: Joshua Fields

Properties Designer: Maddie Hong

Props Team: Hannah Gillespie, Charlotte Kang

Hair/Make-up Designers: Bryana Barry and Allyson Snyder

Hair & Make-Up Team: Penelope Hough, Megan Culligan

Production Assistants: Wilson Chapman, Erin Mohr